Stay connected, trade, and receive notifications on the go.

Smart features
Exchange and Margin trading, manage your orders and positions
Transfer between wallets and check your latest movements
Secure set up access via API keys and PIN/Passcode protection
Margin Funding, manage your funding status, bids and offers
Customize your experience setting up your preferences
Receive notifications on trade execution and Price Alerts
Getting started
Create a new API key
For added security, your mobile app can be customized with only the permissions you want to grant it. To do that, read carefully:
Instead of logging into the app with your username and password, you will generate an API key and import it into the app. To create the key, go to
During creation, select only the permissions you want your mobile app to have. For example you could give the key "read" permission for orders but not "write" permission for orders. This would allow your app to view orders, but not place new ones.
Scan the QR code
When the API key from step 2 has been created, a QR code will be shown in your browser (only once). Now, using your app and your phone's camera you can scan this QR code to import the API key and log in.
After this initial setup, logging into the mobile app is performed via a passcode.