Change Log

Change Log > Version 2.5.2 February 09, 2017

Major Changes

  • Trading
    • Substantial performance improvements to the trading engine.
    • New 'Stop Limit' order type. A Stop Limit order combines a stop order and a limit order, placing a limit order at its limit price after its stop price has been reached.
  • Funding
    • New feature for auto-renew funding to set a maximum amount of your funding to auto-renew.
    • Ability to easily update funding bids and offers
  • Interface
    • Improved sidebar Balances widget to quickly transfer between wallets and see ledger entries (demo).
    • Improved sidebar Summary widget to see in-depth Tradable Balance calculations for margin trading and an option to view a Funding Summary (demo).

Minor Changes

  • Improved "Buy All" and "Sell All" feature on the order form (demo).
  • You can now enter crypto withdrawals in terms of USD if you prefer (demo).
  • Orders filterable by 'Bid', 'Ask', or 'All'.
  • Order History filterable by 'Canceled', 'Executed', or 'All'.
  • Select custom date ranges for reports and exports.
  • Orders are now automatically grouped by trading pair, group ID, and complex order types.
  • Stability improvements to the chart.
  • Various interface improvements and adjustments.