Change Log

Change Log > Version 2.5.3 February 28, 2017

Major Changes

  • Interface
    • Improved sidebar order form provides a more efficient arrangement for more intuitive and efficient trading. (view demo
  • Trading
    • Improvement to Stop-Limit orders to support the "hidden" option. Stop-Limit orders were introduced on February 9th and combine a stop order and a limit order.
    • Improved order editing. You can now modify your active orders without losing their priority in the order book unless the amount of the order is increased or the price is changed.
  • Funding
    • Visualize where your funding bids and offers are in the funding book, and how much of the funding book depth you are providing.
  • Language
    • Add support for Chinese Simplified. Supported languages now include English, Russian, Chinese Traditional, and Chinese Simplified. (view demo)

Minor Changes

  • The legacy order form in the main content area of the site will be deprecated and is no longer receiving updates. Please switch to the sidebar order form (from Account > Interface > Layout) to get the latest updates and order types.
  • Require two-factor authentication on more account settings changes (in addition to the existing email verification).
  • Order type information and guides are now accessible directly from the sidebar order form's order type select dropdown.
  • New language select menu in the top-right corner of the
  • Improved detection and handling of an expired session.
  • Various improvements and adjustments.

API Changes

  • Rest V2 route changes (documentation)
    • v2/auth/wallets -> /v2/auth/r/wallets
    • v2/auth/orders -> /v2/auth/r/orders
    • v2/auth/positions -> /v2/auth/r/positions
    • v2/auth/offers -> /v2/auth/r/offers
    • v2/auth/margin -> /v2/auth/r/margin
    • v2/auth/funding -> /v2/auth/r/funding
    • v2/auth/stats -> /v2/auth/r/stats
    • v2/auth/alerts -> /v2/auth/r/alerts
    • v2/auth/alert/set -> /v2/auth/w/alert/set
    • v2/auth/alert/delete -> /v2/auth/w/alert/delete