Change Log

Change Log > Version 2.5.5 July 12, 2017

Major Changes

  • Withdrawals
    • Added support for Ethereum Name Service (ENS) for all ERC20 tokens and Ether. You can now use registered names as a withdrawal address.
  • Interface
    • New search bar for quick navigation or searching the Knowledge Base.
    • Improved top right header navigation: Moved the 'Deposit,' 'Withdraw,' and 'Wallets' links out of the menu dropdown. Converted the 'Support' and 'Account' dropdowns to icons (view demo).
    • Improved pairs and currencies navigation: Easily filter pairs and currencies for faster and easier navigation.
  • Performance
    • Significantly faster (2-3x) navigation between trading pairs and funding currencies.
    • Faster chart initialization.
    • Faster initial page load.

Minor Changes

  • New: Show USD equivalent when hovering over sidebar balances.
  • Improved: More responsive layout for use on small screens.
  • Fixed: Improved chart stability.
  • Fixed: Miscellaneous fixes and optimizations