Announcements > Wollo (WLO) Makes Its Way To Bitfinex November 19, 2018

Today we are incredibly pleased to introduce trading for Wollo (WLO) - a unique Stellar-based token centred around driving mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and financial education..

Trading will be enabled for WLO against XLM and USD pairs, with margin markets to be introduced pending the development of a sufficiently liquid trading market.

The addition of Wollo to Bitfinex represents a significant milestone for our team and the wider blockchain space. WLO is the first Stellar token to make its way to Bitfinex and we are proud to act as a platform of support, development and education for projects championing the values that Pigzbe promote.

The capabilities of distributed technologies have evolved rapidly over the past year and it is the fundamental responsibility of participants in this space to help foster growth and facilitate learning if these groundbreaking technologies are to succeed. However, this represents just one of multiple reasons for our collaboration with Pigzbe and Wollo. With a focus on promoting financial education from an early age, Pigzbe works to empower its users whilst lessening the gap between between cryptocurrency potential and adoption.

Start trading Wollo.

Learn more about Pigzbe and the WLO token.