Announcements > Bitfinex introduces trading for RSK Infrastructure Framework January 15, 2019

Bitfinex is pleased to introduce trading for RSK Infrastructure Framework token (RIF) available against BTC and USD.

The RIF token is a token developed on the RSK platform allowing holders to consume (and interact with) services within the RIFOS framework.

The RSK framework, in combination with the RIF token, allows developers to deploy and interact with the applications built atop the RIF OS framework. These include, amongst other things, third-party developed infrastructure services, as well as any additional applications deployed on the RSK framework. For more technical information please see the RIF whitepaper.

The listing of RIF follows November’s listing of rBTC - a gas token native to the RSK framework. To learn more about RSK and the RIF token, please visit the Bitfinex knowledge base.

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