Announcements > Bitfinex Supports TRC-20 Tether April 10, 2019

Bitfinex is pleased to announce it will support TRON-based USDT with the addition of deposits and withdrawals for TRC-20 USDT as soon as they are available on chain.

TRC20-based USDT is a TRON-based Tether token, interoperable with TRON protocols and decentralized applications, and allows for the movement of fiat-backed tokens across the TRON blockchain network.

The addition of Tether-based TRON is another example of Bitfinex’s blockchain-agnostic ethos guaranteeing flexibility and choice for its traders. In addition to TRON-based Tether, Bitfinex also provides a platform of support for OMNI and Ethereum based Tether.

As of 9th April 2019 there are no minimum equity requirements to create an account with Bitfinex. Get started today.

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