Announcements > New Margin Markets Added To Bitfinex April 11, 2019

We are pleased to announce a market expansion adding new margin trading markets to Bitfinex. To access today’s market additions, visit

As of today Bitfinex users have access to the following markets:



This expansion of our platform is designed to cater to a growing global trading community. The addition of these markets will facilitate improved liquidity for the platform in addition to enhanced flexibility for traders across the exchange.

As always, we strongly urge our traders to exercise caution when trading across margin markets. As liquidity is still being developed in the above-mentioned markets, traders need to pay careful attention to order book depth and market movements to avoid unwanted liquidations. If you are new to margin trading on Bitfinex, please refer to the following support article: ’Intro to Margin Trading’.

Today’s market addition closely follows the removal of our 10,000 USD equity requirement, opening up the industry’s most advanced trading platform to everyone.