Announcements > Upcoming Bitfinex API Update - June 2019 June 11, 2019

As of June 22nd, every WebSocket connection will have a limit of 30 subscriptions to public market data feed channels (tickers, book, candles, trades, …). We kindly ask all users to adapt their application setup accordingly to split subscriptions to channels using multiple WebSocket connections.

For all affected users, this update means handling multiple streams (or running multiple instances and spreading them over different pairs). Please note that this change does not affect the authenticated feed.

Moving forwards, all users who do not reconfigure their API settings will be met with an error message. As an example, if you exceed the allowed subscription quota for channels on a single WebSocket connection, you will receive error:10305 to notify the quota that the current WebSocket connection is full.

For more information on the upcoming change, please visit the following announcement: ‘Upcoming Bitfinex API Update — June 2019