Announcements > KAN Coming To Bitfinex On June 18th June 17, 2019

On Tuesday, June 18th, Bitfinex will introduce trading for the BitKan exchange token, KAN, against USD and USDt.

Trading for KAN will go live on Tuesday, June 18th, at 2:00 PM UTC. Trading will be limited to KYC verified customers and certain jurisdictions. To begin the verification process at Bitfinex, traders should head to

Founded in November 2012, BitKan provides digital asset investment, trade execution and security services to users across 170 countries. Backed by BITMAIN, Huobi, OKEx, FBG and Node Capital and more, BitKan is built around a ‘smart-price’ technology which guarantees best pricing through an innovative exchange aggregating service. The KAN token is used to pay service fees on BitKan's trading app, including coin-to-coin exchange fees and withdrawal fees.

In another step towards greater industry collaboration, UNUS SED LEO (LEO), the native Bitfinex token, will launch trading on BitKan on June 18th.