Announcements > Third Round Of UNUS SED LEO Discounts Live June 20, 2019

We are now pleased to present the third round of benefits for UNUS SED LEO token holders on Bitfinex.

As of Thursday June 20th, UNUS SED LEO holders on Bitfinex can further reduce their taker-fees by up to 6 BPS (0.06%) across all trading pairs (including crypto-to-fiat), to a minimum taker fee of 2.5 BPS (0.025%).

  • For LEO holdings valued at or below 1 million USDt, taker fees are reduced by 0.02 BPS per 10,000 USDt increment.
  • For LEO holdings valued above 1 million USDt, taker fees are reduced by 0.01 BPS per 50,000 USDt increment.

The maximum taker fee reduction is thus reached by holding 21m USDt in LEO across the previous month.

All current and future UNUS SED LEO fee discounts can be viewed on the Bitfinex Fees page. Additionally, Bitfinex users can view all relevant token/fee statistics under Reports > Summary.

For more information, please refer to today’s ‘Fee Discount’ announcement.‘Fee Discount’ announcement.