Announcements > Trading open for Algorand June 21, 2019

On Friday 21 June, Bitfinex has introduced trading for the highly anticipated Algorand ALGO token.

Trading will be enabled against USD, BTC and USDt, with margin and funding markets set to be enabled as sufficient liquidity develops.

What is Algorand?

Algorand is an innovative, permissionless proof-of-stake network building technical innovation delivering scalability, decentralisation and stability.

The Algorand consensus model works to create transparency, protection and speed within a decentralized network. With a focus on instantaneous transaction finality, Algorand’s transaction throughput can accommodate large payment and financial networks.

For further details on Algorand, visit their website here.

Getting Started

Trading for ALGO has been enabled at 09:30 AM UTC on Friday June 21, and users are able to deposit, place orders and make withdrawals for ALGO.

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