Announcements > Revenues From Tokinex Dedicated To LEO Redemptions July 08, 2019

On May 21st we unveiled Tokinex, our native IEO platform allowing verified users to take part in carefully curated token sales from exceptional cryptocurrency projects.

Tokinex has, to date, seen the highly-successful completion of the Ampleforth IEO, which is to be followed by the excellent Token Sale taking place on July 16th, 2019.

In line with our commitment to UNUS SED LEO holders of dedicating 27% of revenues to the continuous redemption of outstanding LEO tokens, we are pleased to announce the dedication of 27% of past and future Tokinex revenues to the purchasing of LEO tokens.

Over the course of the previous 15 days we have purchased outstanding LEO for 27% of the revenues generated by the first Tokinex IEO, Ampleforth. These LEO will be added and burned, as showcased via, in the following hours.

For more information on the use of revenues for LEO redemptions, please refer to the UNUS SED LEO whitepaper.