Announcements > Trading open for RenrenBit July 29, 2019

On Monday July 29th, Bitfinex has introduced trading for the highly anticipated RenrenBit RRB token.

Trading will be enabled against USD and USDt, with 0% maker fees for the first 30 days of trading. Margin and funding markets will be enabled as sufficient liquidity develops.

What is RenrenBit?

RenrenBit is a secure and transparent digital bank built on blockchain.

Established in August 2018, RenrenBit has successfully developed a product centered around four core pillars - deposit, trading, lending and automated investment.

The RRB token is a digital token playing an essential role in the growth of the RenrenBit ecosystem through the provision of platform discounts, acting as lending collateral and much more. In addition to this, RenrenBit will commence a token buyback program, buying up all RRB tokens using platform revenues.

The initial price of RRB was 1 USDt. The circulating supply is 23,100,000 with the total supply set at 42,000,000.

For further details on RenrenBit, visit their website here. For additional information, refer to the Renrenbit whitepaper, Twitter or Telegram.

Getting Started

Trading for RRB has been enabled at 10 AM UTC on Monday July 29, and users are now able to deposit, place orders and make withdrawals for RRB.

To view the RRB markets, click here.

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