Announcements > Platform update October 29, 2019

We're excited to announce a platform update that brings new important features to Bitfinex traders.

Bitcoin Withdrawals to Bech32 Addresses
Bech32 is a Segwit address format specified by BIP 0173, with its address starting with the alphanumeric characters bc1. A bech32 address consists only of lowercase letters, thereby making each address not case-sensitive. This address format offers greater protection against typing errors.
Bitfinex has been supporting Bitcoin withdrawals on Pay To Script Hash (P2SH) wrapped addresses. This address format starts with the number 3.
As bech32 addresses only exist on the Bitcoin network, our new support for Bitcoin withdrawals to bech32 addresses removes the possibility of our clients experiencing any cross-chain mix-ups.

New Charting Tools for Derivatives Trading
The addition of these tools will provide added insight and real-time historical data, including:

  • Liquidation Fund Balance
  • Funding Rate
  • Spread
  • Open Interest

Social Media Accounts Connection
It is now possible to connect your Bitfinex account to your Twitter account via This feature enables our clients to display their Twitter handle on the Bitfinex public leaderboards. In the near future, more social media channels and features will be integrated on to the Bitfinex platform.