Announcements > Ampleforth Supply Adjustment Update October 30, 2019

Ampleforth is making two important updates to the way that the supply of AMPL changes. As of the 30th October 2019, the following two changes will come into effect:

  1. The rebase_reaction_lag value will change from 30 to: 10
  2. The daily rebase time will change from 8PM UTC to: 2AM UTC

The shorter reaction lag time means that global supply will reflect changes in the price of AMPL quicker. Whereas the new update time has been chosen in order to help decentralise the oracle.
The last rebase at the old time will occur on Tuesday 29th at approximately 8PM UTC as per normal.
The first rebase at the new time will occur on Thursday 31st October at 2AM UTC. Users who hold AMPL tokens in any of their Bitfinex wallets will see their AMPL balances adjust shortly after.

For more information, please see the Ampleforth blog post and our knowledge base.