Announcements > Important Announcement for Nectar Holders December 11, 2019

On December 18th, in exactly seven days, the Nectar DAO Bootstrap Phase will begin.

necDAO will be one of the largest DAOs to date launching with c.17,000 ETH, placed in the control of Nectar holders to serve the DeversiFi and Nectar ecosystem. This will be the first time Nectar holders can claim Reputation (membership and voting power) before necDAO opens for full operation on 24/01/20.

Nectar holders with their funds on Bitfinex must move their Nectar to an on-chain wallet (MetaMask, Ledger, or Trezor) before 18/12/19 in order to be included in the Reputation Airdrop snapshot (taken at the point of deployment on 18/12/19).
On this date and onwards for one month, Nectar holders will be able to interact with the Bootstrap UI in order to claim their membership in necDAO.
This snapshot/airdrop will only occur once.
As such, please act now to move your Nectar on-chain.

Learn more about necDAO here, by reading the full announcement here or ask a question in the necDAO telegram and twitter.