Announcements > Bitfinex to Support the ETHBNT Airdrop for Bancor (BNT) Holders December 26, 2019

We're pleased to confirm support for the ETHBNT Airdrop for Bancor (BNT) holders.

We will take a snapshot of all BNT held by Bitfinex users in the same Ethereum block as a global snapshot of all BNT holders. This global snapshot will be taken in the Ethereum block immediately after BNT's shift to a fixed supply token on 01/01/2020 05:00 AM (UTC).

Users holding BNT on Bitfinex at this time will receive an airdrop of ETHBNT tokens worth 10% of the US Dollar value of their BNT when the global snapshot takes place. The total airdropped amount will be worth 10% of the market cap of BNT at the time of the snapshot.

A separate announcement will be made to notify users after the distribution is complete, as well as the final distribution numbers.

For more information on the ETHBNT Airdrop for BNT holders, please refer to the Official Bancor announcement.