EOS/USDt and LTC/USDt margin trading pairs now available at 5x and DAI/USD at 3.3x maximum leverage

We have increased maximum leverage on margin trading for $EOS and $LTC pairs on our platform, and introduced margin trading and funding on $DAI. Starting from today, EOS to Tether (EOS/USDt) and Litecoin to Tether (LTC/USDt) can be traded with a higher maximum leverage of 5x. DAI with US dollar (DAI/USD) can be traded with a maximum leverage of 3.3x, an initial equity of 30% and a maintenance margin of 15%. $DAI currency is also available for margin funding (lending). Find out more at [https://www.bitfinex.com/posts/488](https://www.bitfinex.com/posts/488)