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Bitfinex Securities Platform
The next generation of global capital markets
Regulated in Kazakhstan and El Salvador, Bitfinex Securities harnesses our industry-leading liquidity and cutting-edge trading engine to provide a revolutionary new way of issuing and trading tokenised digital assets. Driven by our passion for innovation, we empower enterprises of all sizes to raise capital and flourish, while providing a comprehensive platform for traders to access this liquidity.

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Access to first-class capital markets

Bitfinex Securities is a 24/7/365 platform focused on allowing previously-underserved companies to raise capital, while widening investor access to innovative financial products, including blockchain-based equities and bonds.

Harnessing the power of blockchain technology, our goal is to deliver freedom from the constraints of existing global finance and inject long-overdue innovation that enables more people to invest in tokenised securities and more entities to raise capital.

Main Advantages

  • Regulated in two jurisdictions
  • Round-the-Clock Trading
  • Access to Global Liquidity
  • Unparalleled Security
  • Instantaneous Settlement
  • Streamlined, Low Cost Issuance
  • Maximum Versatility

Bitfinex Securities is licensed and regulated to support the issuance and secondary market trading of various financial instruments including tokenized equity, bonds, funds, real estate, commodities, and innovative new products like hashrate contracts

Tokenised Equities

Bitfinex Securities Ltd. offers traders and issuers a regulated, efficient and global solution to raise capital through tokenized company shares and have them publicly admitted to trading.

Tokenised Debt

By removing traditional inefficiencies from traditional debt issuers, tokenized debt via Bitfinex Securities Ltd. is fast, transferable and compliant. Enabling access to 24/7 debt issuance to organizations currently underserved by existing capital markets.

Tokenised Funds

Bitfinex Securities Ltd. offers a regulated bridge between qualified fund managers and investors seeking alpha generation and diversification into their portfolio. This provides fund managers with a portal to raise capital from investors for use on the Bitfinex Securities platform or seek authorization to move funds off the platform to invest in regulated platforms elsewhere.

Raise Capital

Raise Capital

Gain access to capital through a regulated tokenised platform.

Bitfinex Securities provides a unique way for companies looking to raise capital in order to expand their operations, build and achieve scale. Using our vast experience as one of the world’s oldest and most respected cryptocurrency exchanges, we’re well positioned to serve your needs through our tokenised security platform.

Raise Capital
Raise Capital

From day one, our listings team will serve as your gateway to global markets, carrying out a comprehensive discovery meeting to identify your capital raise needs. From there, a world-class and easy onboarding experience will take place for investors wanting to participate in your capital raise.

We adhere to strict regulatory requirements, including strong KYC and AML checks, as required by our regulators.

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The Bitfinex platform for peer-to-peer trading of certain listed securities and related services is operated by Bitfinex Securities. More information about trading securities and other services available can be found here. Bitfinex Securities also operates the Bitfinex platform for the sale by issuers of certain tokenised securities, for which additional information can be found here.