Change Log

Change Log > Version 2.0.2 September 15, 2016

Major Changes

  • Margin Funding
    • Convert funding book and all funding sections to real time WebSockets data.
    • New funding trades added to the interface. Toggleable between public funding trades and your funding trades (demo dark, light).
  • Tickers Interface / Nav
    • Click on a ticker to navigate to that pair for trading (demo dark, light).
    • Manage which pairs to include in the header from Interface > Tickers (demo dark, light).
  • Sidebar Interface
    • Moved balance overview widget from header to the sidebar (demo dark, light).
    • New option to show your "market" USD equivalent balance. This will include your unrealized P/L and position swap cost in the calculation (demo dark, light).
    • The sidebar will follow you down the page when you scroll (demo dark, light).
  • Trading Interface
    • New option to move the trading form to the sidebar. Manage from Interface > Order Forms (demo dark, light)
    • New option to include rows in the order book for price points that have zero order count. This creates a more meaningful visual comparison between the relative depth of bids versus asks in the order book. Manage from Interface > Order Books (demo dark, light).

Minor Changes

  • New margin funding option to keep taken funding open when it is done being used in a margin position.
  • New margin funding option to renew individual funding offers.
  • New Careers page.
  • New security setting to choose if your session should be kept alive. Manage from Security > Session.
  • New toast notification when a new deposit arrives.
  • New toast notification when a deposit completes.
  • New page to show trading history.
  • New page to show funding trades history.
  • New rest API endpoint to get funding trades history (/funding_trades/:symbol).
  • Improve interface of flash messages on public pages.
  • Improve interface rounding on some numbers.
  • Improve handling of navigation errors.
  • Improve "quick ledger" widget.
  • Add a close button on each toast notice.
  • Log more user actions to Account > Change History.
  • Simplify some wording and titles in the interface for a cleaner experience.
  • More efficient interface handling of order book data during high activity.
  • We have brought our interface to use websockets on both ports 3000 and 3120, so it might be required to whitelist port 3120 on your firewalls. Port 3120 will be dismissed in one week
  • Various fixes and optimizations.