Change Log

Change Log > Version 2.5.6 August 31, 2017

Major Changes

  • Interface: Tickers
    • New sidebar component for browsing trading and funding tickers (view demo).
    • Search, sort, mark favorites, and more (view demo).
    • View 24-hour volume in terms of self (default), USD, BTC, or ETH (view demo)
    • Set a specific order of currencies and pairs. By default, currencies and pairs are sorted by 7-day trading volume (view demo).
  • Interface: Balances
    • New tooltip displays more information, including helpers to quickly copy the value or send the value to the trading form (view demo).
    • Two new display options for the balances widget: Reduced height (shows only the total balances row for each wallet) and a chart view that visualizes the distribution of your balances in terms of their USD equivalent (view demo).
  • APIs
    • REST and WebSocket APIs upgraded to accommodate current demand and future growth.
    • Please see the summary blog post for full details

Minor Changes

  • Security
    • Improved email and two-factor authentication checks for even more account actions.
  • Interface
    • Performance improvements on wallets page.
    • Improved interface for balance "quick transfers".
    • Improved funding book alignment.
    • Deprecate the option to use the legacy "header" ticker style.
    • Improved display of user's deposit and withdrawals data.
  • Withdraw
    • New ability to add an optional note to crypto withdrawals.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Fix for edge case navigation bug.
    • Fix time sync bug on login emails.
    • Improve narrow view layout.
    • Performance improvments for price alerts.