Announcements > RSK (RBTC) Added To Bitfinex November 23, 2018

Today we are pleased to introduce trading for RSK (RBTC) - a smart contract platform secured by the Bitcoin network.

Trading will be enabled for RBTC against BTC and USD. Margin markets may be introduced pending the development of a sufficiently liquid trading market.

RSK is the first smart contract network secured by Bitcoin. The network provides scalability whilst reducing storage and bandwidth usage using probabilistic verification and sharing techniques, thus providing flexibility for instant payments such as retail-ready store payments and microcredits.

RBTC is the native token of RSK and is used to pay gas to execute RSK transactions and smart contracts. RBTC is pegged 1:1 to BTC, and can be autonomously converted to/from BTC through the so-called 2WP’ that bridges the Bitcoin and RSK protocols.

Start trading RBTC.

Learn more about RSK and the RBTC token.