Announcements > Bitfinex Now Offers Fee-Free Small Deposits December 18, 2019

We're pleased to announce the removal of the small deposit fee on our platform.

From 18/12/19 3:00 PM UTC, customers will no longer be required to pay a fee for deposits of less than 1,000 USD equivalent. This fee removal will provide our existing and prospective customers with greater flexibility and options on their deposit amounts.

The small deposit fee was first introduced in December 2017 to counter the high number of small deposits made in an attempt to spam our platform and slow down our services. Numerous small deposits created an excess of tiny wallet inputs that required wallet input consolidation maintenance. The small deposit fee served to keep withdrawals flowing smoothly for all our customers.

As we have since developed capabilities to thwart these deposit-related spam attacks, the small deposit fee is no longer required.

The removal of the small deposit fee follows the removal of the USD 10,000 minimum equity threshold earlier this year, further demonstrating our ongoing commitment to onboarding new retail trading customers and growing the wider crypto community.