Join the Bitfinex Affiliate Program Earn unlimited commission up to 3 degrees of connection
+38% fees you can earn
1.X fees multipliers and incentives
UP TO 3 degrees of connection
Bitfinex Affiliate Program in a nutshell Experience a new way of growing your earnings in crypto

Whether you are a crypto trader or a die-hard crypto fan, you can invite your social network through the Bitfinex Affiliate Program and earn unlimited commission. Generate your invite links on the Affiliate Dashboard and share them across your social media channels.

Anyone who signs up through your links will become your referral. You can watch your earnings grow as your network of referrals blooms.

affiliate screens
Why become a Bitfinex Affiliate The Bitfinex Affiliate Program is one of a kind

Unlike other crypto affiliate programs, its commission structure allows you to get a percentage of the trading and margin funding fees up to three levels within your referral network.

But not only that, if your referrals meet the requisite criteria, you’re also entitled to commission multipliers. You can track how much you earn and how your network performs in real-time through the Affiliate Dashboard.

The Bitfinex Affiliate Program enables you to add value to your community and social network. Crypto trading doesn’t have to be a solitary pursuit.

Let’s grow the crypto community together with the Bitfinex Affiliate Program!

Fees you can earn
on 1st degree
on 2nd degree
on 3rd degree
up to 1.44x
Become a verified affiliate and increase your revenues by 1.2x.
Get members of your network to verify their accounts and get rewarded with an additional 1.2x on revenues generated by their activities.
up to 1.5x
Increase your revenues by a multiplier up to 1.5x if members of your network are UNUS SED LEO holders.
up to 1.44x
Share and like Bitfinex official posts to increase your revenues by up to 1.2x. Get members of your network to social share and get rewarded with an additional 1.2x on revenues generated by their activities.
The Developers' Reward

To the aspiring people who develop their trading platforms, we remember you. If you integrate Bitfinex’s APIs in your products or trading libraries, you will get a 5% rebate for each trade made through the APIs. The 5% developers’ reward is fixed and not subject to monthly reductions over time.

What’s more, the Developers Reward will run on top of the Affiliate Program, meaning if you have an active affiliation network and it’s using your trading tool, you will be rewarded with both the affiliate’s and the developers’ reward.

How it works
Step 1
Sign Up

Everyone can join the Bitfinex Affiliate Program. If you don’t have a Bitfinex account yet, it only takes a few minutes to create one. After logging in to your account, you will be able to obtain access to the Affiliate Dashboard and start generating referral codes. Share the referral codes across all your social networks.

Step 2

Spread the word with your fellow crypto traders or within your crypto communities. Gift them with a 6% rebate fee on their signup. Build a community of crypto enthusiasts based upon the mutual relationships that exist in your network.To help you manage your strategy, a label can also be assigned to each link that you generate.

Step 3

The Affiliate Dashboard comes in handy when tracking your referral codes’ performance. You can also see how much you have earned and how your referrals have been doing so far through the dashboard. No need to worry about privacy though, since all referrals will be shown in nicknames without revealing any personal information.

Step 4

Every time your referrals trade or perform certain actions on the platform, you will receive a percentage of their trading and margin funding fees. This happens in real-time, viewable on your Affiliate Dashboard. To make it even more interesting, you will get a percentage of the trading and margin funding fees of up to three levels within your referral network.


If you and your network hold UNUS SED LEO tokens, you can enjoy even more benefits from the Bitfinex Affiliate Program. On top of the fee reduction and discounts that you receive while trading on Bitfinex, you are also entitled to special multipliers to your commission from the Affiliate Program.

The more UNUS SED LEO tokens that your members hold, the bigger the multiplier, which means the bigger the commission you will receive.

Have any questions?

Please have a look at our FAQ for more details on the Bitfinex Affiliate Program.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, our support team is always ready to help you start your Bitfinex Affiliate journey.