Announcements > Earn your stake in Ethfinex with the Nectar Token February 13, 2018

Ethfinex is a digital asset exchange linked to Bitfinex and built with the Ethereum community in mind. Ethfinex is designed to facilitate learning, discussion, and analysis of ERC20 tokens whilst offering access to a highly liquid and advanced trading platform. In the long term, Ethfinex’s vision is to transition towards an entirely trustless exchange, decentralizing ownership of the platform to its community of users. At the heart of this transition lies the Nectar token - a mechanism through which users of Ethfinex will gain a stake in the long-term direction and success of the platform.

After months of preparation, we are excited to announce that the Ethfinex Market Maker Program went live today, February 13th, 2018, at 12 PM UTC.

The premise of the Nectar token is simple - the more you trade on Ethfinex via the website or API, the more Nectar you will earn. Through Nectar you get a chance to own a stake in the long-term success and direction of Ethfinex. The ownership of Ethfinex will gradually decentralize as trading volume grows, resulting in a community-centric Ethereum exchange where users benefit from smaller spreads, highly liquid markets and the opportunity to participate in the success of the platform.

You can access Ethfinex using your existing Bitfinex credentials and register for Nectar on Please note your account must be verified to register for the Market Maker Program. Users not yet verified will not be credited with Nectar until verification is complete. We are currently implementing a faster verification process and we thank you for your patience whilst we finalize this.

The deployment of Nectar will bring with it the migration of all ERC20 tokens from Bitfinex to Ethfinex, resulting in two separate hubs each focusing on distinct areas of blockchain development and research.

To learn more about Ethfinex and the Nectar token, please refer to the recent Nectar announcement. Trading on Ethfinex is live.

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