Announcements > Deposits & Withdrawals Open For Bitcoin Cash ABC (BAB) November 22, 2018

As of 1pm UTC today, November 22nd 2018, we will be opening up deposits and withdrawals for BAB (Bitcoin Cash ABC).

Users are at this point in time able to generate new BAB deposit addresses on Bitfinex. All previously issued BCH deposit addresses will still be considered valid and viable for BAB deposits moving forward.

Please note that at this time we will not support Replay Deposits. If you send a BAB deposit and BSV gets replayed along with it, we will not recover or credit you BSV.

Users should take extra precaution to ensure that their transfers are split and that only the token that they wish to deposit is transferred. Please take extra care when making any BAB/BSV transfers and ensure that you are using both the correct address and token.

If you are unsure as to what the above means, please contact [email protected] prior to initiating the transaction.

BSV Update

In line with the above, we expect to enable BSV deposits and withdrawals in the coming days. BSV deposits, when opened, will require the generation of a new deposit address. Further announcements will be made as and when BSV deposits open.


Both BAB and BSV are currently trading on Bitfinex - both against USD and BTC. See more here.

Margin trading and funding for BSV and BAB is not currently available but may be offered at a later point in time upon stabilisation of the respective markets.

For more information, please visit the Bitfinex Telegram.