Announcements > Bitfinex Launches Color Blind-Friendly Theme December 27, 2019

We're pleased to announce the launch of a user interface designed to be accessible to our customers with color blindness!

The launch of the new theme is in response to customer feedback on the difficulty in distinguishing between red and green elements on our platform. While there are different types of color blindness, we've designed this new theme with a color combination to suit the most number of users.

This color blind-friendly theme will help our customers with this condition distinguish between the different elements on our trading platform, thereby enhancing their trading experience.

Introducing this accessible color blind-friendly theme forms part of our ongoing commitment to furthering crypto adoption. As an exchange, we are continually integrating new services to make our platform more accessible, recent examples of which include the removal of a small deposit fee and support of credit and debit card payments.

We invite you to share your feedback on this new color blind-friendly theme with us here: