Announcements > Bitfinex To Cease Trading for Several Trading Pairs with Low Liquidity March 02, 2020

We would like to announce the removal of several trading pairs due to its low liquidity on our platform.

The removal of these trading pairs is a common measure that serves to consolidate and improve liquidity on Bitfinex, leading to a more streamlined and optimised trading experience for our users. The below tokens have not been delisted and are still available for trading on Bitfinex.

From 06/03/20 10:00 AM UTC, trading will cease for the trading pairs of:

  • The following tokens to Ethereum: Fusion (FSN/ETH), Scorum (SCR/ETH), Credits (CSX/ETH), On.Live (ONL/ETH), Statis Euro (EUS/ETH), Atonomi (ATM/ETH), AidCoin (AID/ETH), Aelf (ELF/ETH), Auctus (AUC/ETH), DAOstack (GEN/ETH), Mithril (MIT/ETH), Seer (SEE/ETH), Yggdrash (YGG/ETH), Contentbox (BOX/ETH), Lympo (LYM/ETH), BnkToTheFuture (BFT/ETH), OKEX (OKB/ETH), Blockpass (PAS/ETH), Loom Network (LOO/ETH), Verge (XVG/ETH), MATRIX AI Network (MAN/ETH), FOAM (FOA/ETH), Tripio (TRI/ETH), Vetri (VLD/ETH), Nucleus Vision (NCA/ETH), Universa (UTN/ETH), Cortex (CTX/ETH)
  • The following tokens to Bitcoin: CommerceBlock (CBT/BTC), Edge (DAD/BTC), ORS Group (ORS/BTC), BLOCKv (VEE/BTC), Nectar Token (NEC/BTC), Nucleus Vision (NCA/BTC), Sentient Coin (SEN/BTC), Everipedia (IQX/BTC), POA (POA/BTC), Lympo (LYM/BTC), Hydro Protocol (HOT/BTC), YOYOW (YYW/BTC), Atonomi (ATM/BTC), AidCoin (AID/BTC), Medicalchain (MTN/BTC), Essentia (ESS/BTC)
  • The following tokens to DAI: OmiseGO (OMG/DAI), 0x (ZRX/DAI)
  • The following token to Japanese Yen: Verge (XVG/JPY)

We would like to remind our users to cancel any open orders with the above trading pairs before 06/03/20 (Friday). All remaining open orders will be canceled by the system.