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Send direct messages on Bitfinex Pulse through your Mobile app!

Reach trading influencers directly with the latest Bitfinex mobile app update!📱 You can now send direct messages in Bitfinex Pulse on your Mobile app💬 ➡️ Find out more at [\_3440](, and download now ⬇️ IOS: []( Android: [++]( APK: Please continue to share your thoughts and ideas; your user experience and feedback are incredibly valuable to help us create the best mobile app for trading cryptocurrencies.

Honey Framework is now updated!

We have updated Honey Framework🐝 Start creating your custom algorithmic orders now! With the latest change and improvements, #HoneyFramework is even more powerful! [](

HUMAN token (HMT) will be listed on Bitfinex!

#HMT deposits will open on 27/10/20 at 03:00 PM UTC. Trading and withdrawals for #HUMANToken on #Bitfinex will start on 28/10/20 at 03:00 PM UTC. HMT can be traded with US Dollar (HMT/USD) and Tether (HMT/USDt). Discover more on our HMT listing ⬇️ [](

Have you noticed any extra DOT recently?

Polkadot has arrived on Bitfinex Staking Program! 💰 Earn on your $DOT on #Bitfinex! Polkadot is now available for staking on Bitfinex! Get started by depositing #Polkadot into your Bitfinex account to receive your weekly reward! ⬇️ [](

Becoming an affiliate has never been more profitable!

🖖 Bitfinex Affiliate Program allows you to earn a percentage of trading and margin funding fees with up to three degrees within your referral network! Join the revolution, become an affiliate and multiply your earnings! Don't wait any longer ⬇️

The fight is on in the Bitfinex Leaderboard

Who were the traders with the highest volume on #Bitfinex Leaderboard last week? 🎉 john\_j\_brown is still #1, with a volume of $83.295.389,32 USD and an increase of 24%! Want to get your name on the leaderboard? Enable your account for the Bitfinex Public Leaderboard 🌟 [](

Your website is only waiting for Bitfinex Tipping Badge!

Integrate the #BitfinexPulse Tipping Badge on your website! You can earn: ✅ #Bitcoin ✅ #UnusSedLeo ✅ #Tether 💰Get rewarded with tips for your original content! [](

⚔️Will you join the Fellowship?

⚔️The Fellowship of Elrond is coming! Will you join the round table? From today, Oct. 16th at 11AM UTC, until Nov. 6th, Elrond holders will be eligible to win from a total prize pool of 1,000 EGLD. Find the competition details and get ready to join the Fellowship⬇️ [](

Filecoin (FIL) is now listed on Bitfinex!

Trading and withdrawals for $FIL are now available on Bitfinex trading Platform. #Filecoin can be traded with US Dollars (FIL/USD) and #Tether (FIL/USDt).

Filecoin ($FIL) will be listed on Bitfinex!

FIL deposits are now open. Trading and withdrawals for #Filecoin on #Bitfinex will start from today at 6:30 PM UTC. FIL can be traded with US Dollar (FIL/USD) and Tether (FIL/USDt). Discover more here ⬇️ [](