The Bitfinex
Freedom Manifesto

We live in a digital age where we possess the tools
to enable individual human freedom like never before.

Yet those same tools can and will –if we allow it–
be used against us as the ultimate means of control.

At Bitfinex, we believe it’s vital
this never comes to pass.

Standing on the shoulders of giants, from great thinkers such as Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich von Hayek to legendary cypherpunks such as Phil Zimmermann, Timothy May and Eric Hughes, we commit ourselves unreservedly to the cause of individual freedom.

Freedom in the fullest sense of the word, starting with financial freedom and extending to free speech and privacy through the power of cryptography, distributed systems and open-source software.

To paraphrase the Cypherpunk Manifesto, we write code.
We know that someone has to write software
to defend freedom, and we’re going to write it.
With this Freedom Manifesto, Bitfinex makes the following three pledges:
We are committed to building open, peer-to-peer communication solutions
to enable anyone, anywhere to interact and transact freely online
We will work relentlessly to support the Lightning Network and similar technologies
and contribute to making Bitcoin the most accessible and most efficient transaction solution
We will support and invest in the Bitcoin community
including developers and white hat hackers, to ensure the strength, resilience and immutability of the Bitcoin network
In embracing these pledges, we invite other like-minded partners to join us as, together, we accelerate the transition to a more open and fairer world.
We believe Cipher ≠ Crypto.
We believe education is the key to create the momentum for positive societal change.
We believe that the permissionless qualities of Bitcoin are the path of least resistance for mass adoption.
We believe cryptography and peer-to-peer networks are the most resilient and battle-hardened technology for increasing freedom worldwide.
We believe privacy is a fundamental human right that is sacrosanct, and that freedom of speech is an essential cornerstone of financial freedom.
We believe that Bitcoin as a peer-to-peer network is the best way to provide global financial inclusion.