Making Crypto Accessible To All — Meet Wollo (WLO) November 12, 2018

On November 19th, Bitfinex will list Wollo (WLO), a unique token by one of the most innovative and refreshing projects geared toward mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and financial education.

This is a special moment for us because it’s the first Stellar token to be released on Bitfinex. This is a significant milestone in the Bitfinex roadmap, and in the Stellar roadmap too, following the IBM partnership and Chain acquisition.

Crypto and mass adoption

The capabilities of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have evolved so fast, we are now in a position where mass adoption is possible. However there is currently a large gap between its potential, and the level of crypto literacy amongst the general public.

At Bitfinex we are passionate about providing education to help open up the world of crypto to everyone. We have deliberately built a community for developers, investing in open-source to share knowledge and collaborate.

It’s for these reasons we like Stellar, a platform where communities like families can form micro-financing networks around a shared interest. And it’s for these reasons we like Pigzbe, the issuer of WLO. Their device and DApp is created specifically to teach children about 21st-century money, and WLO has been carefully designed to be family friendly.

What’s next?

The Wollo token listing is just the first step, marking the start of an ongoing collaboration with Pigzbe and Wollo. Specifically, Bitfinex’s API’s could be integrated to bring access to simple trading amongst smaller communities like schools, which Pigzbe access.

We look forward to welcoming Wollo to the Bitfinex platform on November 19th and helping Pigzbe drive adoption and family empowerment. We hope you will get behind it too.

To learn more, please refer to our full announcement.

To learn more about the unique mission and values of Pigzbe, see

New high frequency/size wire withdrawals fee November 11, 2018

Effective immediately, Bitfinex will charge a 3.0% fee on all external wire withdrawal requests exceeding the following frequency and/or size limits:

  • 1. more than 2 fiat withdrawals in any thirty day period; and/or,
  • 2. more than $1M in aggregate in fiat withdrawals in any thirty day period.

Regular withdrawals, currently representing the requests of more than 99% of our customers, are unaffected by this change.

Bitfinex serves as the primary fiat gateway in the crypto ecosystem, having processed over 700 withdrawals representing more than $1B in October 2018 alone.

Our banking remains stable, but we must prioritize our long-standing and loyal customers using the platform so that they can continue to benefit from our truly unique offering, the benefits of which extend far beyond our users and include many crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-stablecoins exchanges.

We will continue to fight to defend the use of an independent fiat gateway despite sustained and co-ordinated attacks from powerful forces attempting to harm global cryptocurrency markets. We are thankful for the support that many of our customers and others have shown us behind the scenes. Now it is important that we all remain united and support our industry beyond any cryptocurrency or individual exchange preference.

Any withdrawal requests before this announcement will be processed under the old fee schedule.

Bitfinex may exempt customers from this charge in its sole discretion. Bitfinex’s fee schedule remains subject to change at any time.

Statement Regarding Upcoming Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork November 11, 2018

Bitfinex is pleased to announce full support for the upcoming Bitcoin Cash hard fork taking place on November 15th, 2018.

Bitfinex will complete a full account snapshot of Bitcoin Cash balances at UNIX time 1542300000, i.e. 4:40:00 PM UTC, November 15th. Deposits and withdrawals of BCH will be suspended as of 3:30:00 PM UTC, November 15th.

Bitfinex will manage all technical requirements surrounding the process for all users for whom the Bitcoin Cash hard fork is relevant.

Bitfinex will not advocate for or against any particular fork, and miners have full prerogative to commit their hashing power to whichever projects they choose. At the time of writing, we do not believe that there is sufficient consensus to identify a clear winner in the Bitcoin Cash hard fork.

A separate announcement will be made on November 16th, following the event, to notify our users of a successful hard fork. In the meantime, please visit the Bitfinex Telegram group or contact [email protected] should you have any questions.

Trading enabled for DigiByte (DGB) November 02, 2018

We are pleased to introduce trading for DigiByte (DGB). Trading will be enabled for DGB against BTC and USD pairs, with margin markets to be introduced following the development of a liquid trading market.

DigiByte is a global blockchain system with a focus on cybersecurity for digital payments & decentralized applications. The DigiByte Blockchain is positioned towards the development of a secure and decentralized digital future with a unique combination of innovation and resilience.

Access the DigiByte trading markets here.

Learn more about the DigiByte project at

Trading enabled for Internet Node Token (INT), DragonChain (DRN) and Kleros (PNK) November 01, 2018

Bitfinex is pleased to introduce Internet Node Token (INT), DragonChain (DRN) and Kleros (PNK).

Trading will be available against ETH and USD and will see 0% maker fees on Ethfinex for the first 3 days of trading.

Both tokens were winners of round 12 of the Ethfinex Community Listing vote, a biweekly vote amongst Ethfinex users to determine new token listings. The voting takes place on - the Nectar (NEC) powered governance platform for Ethfinex users.

To learn more about the tokens, please visit theBitfinex knowledge base.

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Trading enabled for OMNI (OMN) October 30, 2018

We are pleased to introduce trading for OMNI (OMNI) against BTC and USD. OMNI is the world's second-largest digital asset platform and the premier application layer on Bitcoin.

The Omni Layer on Bitcoin holds over $2 billion in digital assets and its tokens are the most traded digital assets on the planet, with the leading stable coin Tether USD₮ as its primary tenant.

Omni is an open-source, community-driven project that allows for the creation of managed digital assets, securities, currencies and smart contract functionality on top of Bitcoin and Bitcoin-derived cryptocurrencies. Contributors are welcome at

Trade ‘on the go’ with the new Bitfinex mobile app October 30, 2018

A brand new Bitfinex app is coming for on the go traders and we're excited to let you try.

Designed to mimic the functionality of our website, traders can expect a quick and intuitive trading experience with access to all core Bitfinex features.

To make sure that the app functions as intended across all phones and operating systems we're offering a quick beta to interested users. Read the full announcement and sign up for the app beta here.

Token Sales on Ethfinex - A platform for secure, effortless contributions to token sales. October 26, 2018

Combining trading, discussion and research portals, Ethfinex was designed to pave the way for more informed decision-making, providing our users with the tools they need to successfully navigate the cryptocurrency landscape.

As a step further towards this goal, we are pleased to now unveil Token Sales on Ethfinex.

For more information, please refer to the full announcement post.

Token Sale Process

The new Ethfinex Token Sale platform will allow Ethfinex users to participate in pre-vetted token sales for a small number of new projects.

Every Ethfinex user will be eligible to enter each token sale draw at least once, whilst users holding a certain threshold of Nectar (NEC) tokens will be granted additional entries as part of our new Superuser concept. The entire token sale process is outlined in greater detail in the full announcement post.

Ethfinex token sales offer an exciting opportunity to discover new crypto-assets and to have access to sales that may normally be closed to small/non-institutional investors. We are incredibly excited to integrate high-quality token sales onto our platform and will be sharing more news on the first token sale hosted on our platform shortly.

Superusers on Ethfinex

Nectar (NEC) holders will from this moment onwards be rewarded with Superuser status.

There will be five levels of Superuser status, with each level being determined by the amount of NEC that a user holds. Superusers on Ethfinex will benefit from a number of rewards ranging from:

  • Fee discounts;
  • Priority access to new features;
  • Stronger voice in the decision making driving Ethfinex.

We are incredibly excited to be adding more use-case for the Nectar token and enhancing the impact which NEC token holders can have on the future of Ethfinex. To get set up as an Ethfinex Superuser, visit

What’s To Come

We have several projects lined up thus far and we aim to commence the first ever token sale on Ethfinex over the next few days. This is an exciting new development for the Ethfinex community and one which demonstrates our commitment of bringing together passionate token traders and innovative projects for the benefit of the whole space.

Trading enabled for Waltonchain (WTC), Melonport (MLN), Credits (CS) and YGGDRASH (YEED) October 18, 2018

Bitfinex is pleased to introduce trading for Waltonchain (WTC), Melonport (MLN), Credits (CS) and YGGDRASH (YEED).

Trading will be available against ETH and USD and will see 0% maker fees on Ethfinex for the first 3 days of trading.

Both tokens were winners of round 10 of the Ethfinex Community Listing vote, a biweekly vote amongst Ethfinex users to determine new token listings. The voting takes place on - the Nectar (NEC) powered governance platform for Ethfinex users.

To learn more about the tokens, please visit the Bitfinex knowledge base.

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Presenting the Honey Framework: Algorithmic Orders October 18, 2018

Today we are happy to announce the release of the Honey Framework, beginning with an Algorithmic Order library for creating custom, complex order types for the Bitfinex platform.

This release includes two new open source libraries, bfx-hf-algo and bfx-hf-algo-server which together provide a complete algorithmic order system tightly integrated into the Bitfinex UI. They allow you to create your own custom order types & order form layouts in order to preview and submit the orders from the Bitfinex UI.

Bundled with the library are three algo orders which serve as examples for working with the system, and provide behaviors not available on any other cryptocurrency exchange: TWAP, Iceberg, and Accumulate/Distribute.

By next month, we will release the strategy portion of the Honey Framework, which includes tools for defining trading strategies, backtesting them on historical data, and executing them on the live markets.

Refer to the full announcement here.

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