Bitfinex is the world's largest and most advanced bitcoin trading platform

Bitfinex is a full-featured spot trading platform for the major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Iota, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Monero, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Ripple, Santiment, Zcash, BTG, NEO, YOYOW, OmiseGO, Streamr, QASH, Qtum, ETP, Eidoo, and Aventus. The platform offers leveraged margin trading through our peer-to-peer funding market.
Bitfinex offers the most liquid order book in the world, allowing users to easily exchange Bitcoin, Iota, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Monero, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Ripple, Santiment, Zcash, BTG, NEO, YOYOW, OmiseGO, Streamr, QASH, Qtum, ETP, Eidoo, and Aventus with minimal slippage.
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Margin Trading
Bitfinex allows up to 3.3x leverage trading by providing traders with access to the peer-to-peer funding market.
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Margin Funding
Liquidity providers can earn interest by providing funding to traders wanting to trade with leverage. Funding is traded on an order book at various rates and periods.
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Order Types
Bitfinex offers a suite of order types to give traders the tools they need for every scenario. Discover more about our most advanced Algorithmic orders types.
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Customizable Interface
Organize your workspace according to your needs: compose your layout, choose between themes, set up notifications and data preferences.
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Security of user information and funds is our first priority. Learn more about our security features and integrations.
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Advanced Chart Tools
Prefer a graphical trading experience? Trade directly from the Bitfinex charts:
  • Visualize your orders, positions, and price alerts
  • Drag to change price
  • Tap to modify order properties
  • See your position profits
Bitfinex has integrated TradingView charts so you can enjoy a complete suite of tools to draw, annotation, download and share your charts.
iphone interface

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We've created the mobile tools you
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Bitfinex's API are designed to offer an easy and efficient way to build digital asset trading applications and tools: create your own charts, monitor and edit your orders and positions,track your trading history and wallets movements. Discover all the possibilities.
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Trading Volume
24 hour 7 day 30 day
Bitcoin 75,372 BTC 714,229 BTC 2,381,645 BTC
Litecoin 2,865,997 LTC 9,851,390 LTC 25,028,596 LTC
Ethereum 729,440 ETH 3,845,700 ETH 14,098,547 ETH
Iota 67,790,706 IOTA 1,120,094,300 IOTA 3,424,463,301 IOTA
Bitcoin Cash 83,388 BCH 808,102 BCH 6,061,973 BCH
EOS 18,397,732 EOS 124,760,475 EOS 584,218,631 EOS
Monero 190,077 XMR 1,395,924 XMR 4,280,204 XMR
Ethereum Classic 1,368,890 ETC 9,984,039 ETC 43,003,910 ETC
Zcash 90,203 ZEC 486,742 ZEC 1,926,708 ZEC
Ripple 107,137,724 XRP 935,689,910 XRP 2,915,447,922 XRP
Santiment 7,364,952 SAN 56,281,131 SAN 263,210,259 SAN
Dash 34,597 DASH 319,098 DASH 1,649,198 DASH
BTG 98,370 BTG 573,875 BTG 2,901,152 BTG
OmiseGO 2,168,642 OMG 10,727,050 OMG 51,769,540 OMG
QASH 21,029,294 QASH 66,709,315 QASH 98,084,490 QASH
NEO 364,269 NEO 3,602,755 NEO 24,204,736 NEO
YOYOW 21,601,705 YYW 415,410,077 YYW 606,752,542 YYW
Qtum 402,894 QTUM 2,661,689 QTUM 7,877,509 QTUM
ETP 1,559,457 ETP 12,993,101 ETP 58,967,088 ETP
Streamr 26,996,266 DATA 339,264,748 DATA 1,021,187,531 DATA
Eidoo 934,185 EDO 11,094,991 EDO 25,929,275 EDO
Aventus 412,545 AVT 5,229,648 AVT 11,697,473 AVT
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Margin Funding
Total active funding Amount used in margin pos.
Euro 10,796,173.78 EUR 10,785,190.99 EUR
US Dollar 672,092,236.87 USD 666,346,395.12 USD
Bitcoin 43,686.30 BTC 43,017.28 BTC
Iota 8,259,129.67 IOTA 7,147,878.84 IOTA
Litecoin 161,644.69 LTC 160,039.06 LTC
Ethereum 144,891.86 ETH 144,148.06 ETH
Bitcoin Cash 18,050.51 BCH 12,116.42 BCH
EOS 584,275.03 EOS 562,109.53 EOS
Monero 52,124.07 XMR 52,113.45 XMR
Ethereum Classic 60,433.05 ETC 59,044.15 ETC
Dash 74,456.48 DASH 74,309.76 DASH
Ripple 3,460,990.09 XRP 3,424,588.21 XRP
Santiment 426,800.66 SAN 386,872.06 SAN
Zcash 8,976.15 ZEC 8,623.61 ZEC
NEO 10,468.25 NEO 8,718.81 NEO
OmiseGO 23,514.24 OMG 20,631.07 OMG
ETP 17,542.32 ETP 7,508.82 ETP
Eidoo 11,643.12 EDO 9,743.12 EDO
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